The Color of Light

Lately, I have delighted in anything orange—fruit, yarn, sky, my pup’s chaotic freckles. Living in Mexico has heightened my appreciation for bold colors and how various combinations provoke, enhance, and alter moods. Lingering with a single color (or playing with several) is one of the things I enjoy most about crocheting. I recently crocheted a small runner in pure saffron. Simply immersing myself in that sacred shade of orange lit up long dormant parts of my brain. With each stitch, each pull of the yarn, I gave over to a childlike delight I hadn’t felt in years. Maybe that’s why we should break out the crayons or coloring pencils or watercolors or yarn more often. Playing with color releases us. Light, science tells us, is composed of many colors. Perhaps that’s why immersion in color is healing: We are released back into the light.

Here’s an interesting look at the color orange. How does color affect you?