The Importance of Silence in The Age of Babble

I wrote a blog about silence. Twice. And both times it failed to post. Perhaps my blog is trying to tell me something . . . seriously, I’ll try again tomorrow.

February 24, 2019

One more time . . . my brief thoughts on silence:

I have recently recovered from a prolonged illness. Fever kept me pinned to my mattress and off of social media. When I returned to it, Twitter in particular struck me as a very mean place. As I read the rants from all political persuasions, the banal naval gazing, the faux-rage at everything from words to deeds to imagined wrongs, I felt spiritually and intellectually wounded, as if human kind had decided to wallow in its basest instincts.

We really don’t need to spout everything that crosses our minds, as if we’re human billboards.

Silence not only heals, it renews. It creates a space in which our own ideas can evolve and mature.

This doesn’t mean I’m off of social media. But I spend much less time cruising. I don’t post as much as I once did and what I do post has a purpose other than feeding the insta-mob.

I want to fully experience whatever time I have left on this earth (I’m looking forward to being one fabulous old lady!) and that includes immersing myself in silence. Its full of mysteries, you know.