Connie may Fowler

"Here on the sandbar animal talismans abound. Creatures soar and scuttle, slither and lope, swim and sleep, their existence seen and unseen, their lives forever unfurling, individual threads woven and rewoven into nature’s ancient sutra."

"The configuration of its sugar sand shores and wind-ribbed dunes are, like the living human body, never static. And also like the human body, complexity is its strength; fragility in the face of sudden change, its greatest weakness."

~~A Million Fragile BONES: A MEMOIR  By COnnie may fowler~~

In stores everywhere APril 20, 2017

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"A Million Fragile Bones stands as testament to the devastation caused by the greed and irresponsibility that lead to environmental disasters,

to all creatures, human and otherwise."~~Tampa Bay Times

"Fowler’s elegy to her lost home and chronicle of BP’s criminal negligence and the toxic decimation of this coastal haven is uniquely intimate and affecting in its precise elucidation of this tragic, largely invisible apocalypse, offering powerful testimony to the unacceptable risks and profound consequences of reckless oil drilling."~~Booklist

"I live on the edge of the world, alone except for the occasional boyfriend or husband, always in the company of pets, books, art, friends, sundry wildlife."