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How Clarissa Burde
  Learned to Fly:

  A Novel by
 Connie May Fowler

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Study with Connie May in Vermont!
The VCFA Novel Retreat
May 20-26, 2014

Study with Connie May in Florida!
The St. Augustine Writers Conference
October 2-7, 2014

May in the New York Times:
"Affirmation, Etched in Vinyl"
Read how a gift from a stranger helped her reconnect with her father after forty-five years.

Listen to the recording.
View the video.

Read Connie May's future-speak short story about life along
the Gulf in 2050: Future Issue of Oxford American.

Read Connie May's frank and insightful interview in the
February 11, 2011 edition of  Novel Journey.

On October 5, 2010, Connie May, a plethora of really smart people, and Big Cheeses from Oxford American will meet at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. to discuss The Future of the South.

The Clarissa Burden Kindness Project

Barcelona Review on How Clarissa Burden Learned to Fly
(It's Fabulous!)

"Like the Dew" and Clarissa: Tricia Collins tells it like it is.

Two Great New Radio Interviews!
   CMF talks to Shelagh Shapiro and River Jordan.

A Writer's Diary

The Book Trailer

Connie May is You Tubing It: Subscribe!

Connie May in Slate:
The Earthquake and Haiti's Women's Movement

Connie May Talks Fishing and Ghosts:
The New Southerner

"If writing is a gift,

then Connie May Fowler
must have been bestowed
with the gift of ten Muses."
~Amy Tan

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