Yucatan Writing Conference Online Courses


I am thrilled to be teaching online writing courses through the Yucatan Writing Conference. The first offering, The Novel: A Road to Completion, is now in its fifth week and is going better than I ever imagined. The emerging novelists and I gather via ZOOM on Saturday mornings for two hours of intensive study and vigorous, nurturing examinations of their novels-in-progress. Our Winter Session will begin this February. Applications will be accepted beginning November 1, 2017. New course offerings are in the works. Check here and on our Yucatan Writing Conference website for updated information.


Term: Sixteen Weeks, Begins August 26, 2017

Tuition: $960

Course Description: This course is designed for emerging novelists who are proficient prose writers and who have a strong sense of the book they are writing or want to write. Preference will be given to writers who have already begun their projects or who can demonstrate via a short proposal that they have a well-thought out idea and the willingness to commit to a sixteen-week course of study. For the term, participants are in a four-week cycle repeated as follows, with hiatus' built in for holidays and travel:

Two hours each week for 3 weeks--workshop sessions in which two 10-page manuscripts are read in advance of the workshops and are evaluated by the instructor and peer writers.

Two hours on the fourth week--open session in which participants read aloud up to 3 pages for comment and discuss writing, issues within their texts, publishing, and more.

The cycle of three weeks of workshop and one week of open session is repeated over four four-week periods, totaling sixteen weeks.

Given this format, each participant will have a manuscript critiqued every four-week period, plus three additional pages in the open session.

The first meeting of the term will be a half-hour longer to accommodate orientation, introductions, etc.

All manuscripts are to be double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman, default margins.

Participants may, between scheduled workshops and with due notice, go online to discuss with each other their work and other writing matters. These impromptu discussions are free and highly encouraged.

At mid-term, each participant will have a 30-minute private conference with Connie.

At the end of the term, each participant will have a one-hour private conference with Connie in which they will submit a revised scene--five to ten pages--and lay out their vision for completing their novel.

If additional private sessions with Connie are requested, additional fees will apply.

Optional: Once a week private prompt writing sessions for The Novel: The Road to Completion participants. These sessions last one-hour and must have at least two participants. Wednesday evenings at 6 p.m. CST (time may be adjusted by the group if a change is desired). Fee: $25.

Optional: If a participant would like a recorded copy of any session: $10 fee.

Participants will turn in their 10-page manuscripts for evaluation two-weeks prior to their scheduled workshop dates.

APPLICATION DEADLINE FOR FALL TERM: July 17, 2017, midnight, Central Standard Time.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Email five pages of a novel-in-progress or a two-to-three page proposal for a novel-in-progress to yucatanwritingconference@gmail.com by the above stated deadline.

TUITION INSTRUCTIONS: Payment in full must be made August 12. Successful applicants will be sent instructions via email.

Fall Term

Saturday Mornings from 10 a.m. to noon, Central Standard Time. August 26 workshop begins at 9:30 a.m.

Aug. 26, Sept. 9, Sept.16: workshops; Sept. 23: open session

Sept. 30, Oct. 7, Oct. 14: workshops; Oct.21: open session

Nov. 11, Nov. 18, Dec. 2: workshops; Dec: 9: open session

Dec. 12, Dec. 23, Jan 13: workshops; Jan. 20: open session

Winter Term

Dates subject to change)/Applications accepted beginning November 1, 2017

Feb. 3, Feb. 10, Feb. 17: workshops; Feb. 24: open session
March 3, March 10, March 17: workshops; March 24: open session
April 7, April 14, April 21: workshops; April 28: open session
May 5, May 12, May 16: workshops; June 2: open session

Admission: By Application Only, Please see instructions above

Sugar Cage , my first novel.

Sugar Cage, my first novel.